Play the visceral, moment-to-moment game of American Football as a card game! Captures the essence of what it’s like to play Gridiron, without statistics, players, etc. You are the team and make the calls every play as you battle it out with the opposing team. Choose to be the home team or the visitor and it’s game on!


Includes 60 cards with 56 actions (Snap, Run/Kick, Pass/Kick, Fake, Dive, Hail Mary, Hand-Off, Kickoff, Tackle, Fumble, Incomplete, Out of Bounds, Interception, Blitz, Adrenaline, Block, Penalty, Challenge, Time Out, Injury, Delay of Game, Spike the Ball, and Touchback), 1 Offense card, 2 Score cards, 1 Reference card, and 3 Indicator cubes. Original art by Christian Senn.




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