Play the visceral, moment-to-moment game of American Football as a card game! Captures the essence of what it’s like to play Gridiron, without statistics, players, etc. You are the team and make the calls every play as you battle it out with the opposing team. Choose to be the home team or the visitor and it’s game on!

Includes 60 cards with 56 actions (Snap, Run/Kick, Pass/Kick, Fake, Dive, Hail Mary, Hand-Off, Kickoff, Tackle, Fumble, Incomplete, Out of Bounds, Interception, Blitz, Adrenaline, Block, Penalty, Challenge, Time Out, Injury, Delay of Game, Spike the Ball, and Touchback), 1 Offense card, 2 Score cards, 1 Reference card, and 3 Indicator cubes. Original art by Christian Senn.


  • The goal of every play is to total the most Play Points, maintain or get possession of the ball, and set yourself up for Game Points.

  • Consider both OFF/DEF sides of your cards to determine which cards to use or to save for later.

  • Save good cards to form Simple or Advanced Combos for the most Play Points.

  • Play combos early in a play for the most points and the best chance to be able to use them.

  • Keep enough DEF cards to prevent OFF from setting up for more Game Points.

  • Get possession of the ball if OFF is poised to score low Game Points.

  • Use Delay of Game, Spike the Ball, and Touchback to your advantage.


  • In addition to the summarized definitions located in the details of every action card, be sure you're familiar with the following, general American football terms:

  • Ball - The football used in Gridiron. It looks like a big pecan. Don't eat them.

  • Field - This is the space in which Gridiron is played that totals 100 yards in distance from one side to the other. Trivia: Why did the USA decide on yards instead of meters (like most of the rest of the world)?

  • Offense (OFF) - This is the team trying to move the ball up the field.

  • Defense (DEF) - This is the team trying to stop Offense from moving the ball up the field. Ideally, Defense will steal the ball to become Offense.

  • Play - This is a sequence in which Offense tries to move the ball up the field.

  • Snap (SNA) - The beginning of a standard play where OFF takes the ball from stationary and transfers it to another player.

  • Play Point - Unit of measurement that determines who wins a Play.

  • Game Point - Unit of measurement determining actual score for a given team through a Touchdown (TD), Field Goal (FG), or Safety (SAF).

  • End Zone (EZ) - This is the location Offense wants to move the ball to (past the "Goal Line") to score Game Points.

  • Quarter/Half - Unit of time that divides the game (see Game Time in the rules).




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