The idea to make "card games" came from a desire to encourage people to interact outside of their phones and connect more on a human level. This vision allowed us to bring people together into a more intimate social setting promoting eye contact, laughter, and sometimes furled brows.


After over twenty years of video game development, Senntertain™ now focuses on bringing families and friends closer together through fun and educational socially interactive card games.  The games offer a wide range of themes and experiences that allow kids, adults, friends, and family to learn and Senntertain each other™.

With extensive experience making games for big and small companies, Senntertain's mission is to mix intuitive, quick to learn rules, and depth of game experience to offer many hours of play, and to bring people together under one umbrella of interesting experiences full of imaginative realms.

Senntertain games take about 20 minutes to play and allow 2-6 players to enjoy different styles of play. Want strategic conquest, daring puzzle-solving, or hand-to-hand combat? Want pirates, zombies, retro video game heroes, and a diverse cast of other characters and genres? Want to strengthen your math skills and exercise your brain?  Let's GO!


Hi, my name is Christian. I founded Senntertain in 2016 to provide fun, interactive experiences for people of all ages. I wanted to express my creativity in a way that would allow others to enjoy social experiences face to face. People generally don't have a lot of free time, so my mission was to invent games that were easy to learn and playable in short play sessions.

In the 2 years following Senntertain's debut, I've created over 30 engaging products. Passionately crafted with interesting play mechanics and accessible themes, each game has been rigorously tested and polished with scrutiny, integrity, and the ultimate desire to bring people together through fun.

Some Senntertain games are light-hearted, while others bend your brain and entice fierce, strategic battles between you and your opponents. Some Senntertain games are cooperative, and some are solo, but all offer groups of friends and family the opportunity to connect and win.

I channel my overactive imagination into every game I create. After 26 years working hard in the video game industry, I've redirected my efforts to make experiences players can enjoy together, engaging one another eye-to-eye, fist to arm, laugh to laugh.

What sets me apart from other developers is my imagination, the number and variety of games I create, and my unflinching love for the entire process of game development. So come join the fun and Senntertain each other! :-D




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