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Senntertain also has a collection of music to enjoy. Click to listen!


The following are 4 of the more iconic game-style pieces I've composed. "Space Queens" speaks of a certain blue hedgehog hero's exploits while  "Guardian Sphinx" reveals an enormous stone deity bursting from undisturbed dunes that challenges said hero in an epic battle for survival. "Skychase" is an energetic piece highlighting a band of quirky misfits rocketing across their world going on adventures. "Twisted Realms" is a story about a princess banished by her mother, the Queen, for stumbling on a horrible truth. With her memory wiped, the daughter journeys to unlock her memories, unravel a dark intrigue, and take her rightful place, while saving her savior planet in the process.


The following are 3 sample tracks from an extensive history of vocals I composed over the years. Having lyrics, the stories they tell are more clear, but hopefully there is something you can relate to in them. "Heavenly" tells the story of a sweet love lost and fondly remembered. "See Her" tells of a chance meeting one a summer evening in which the observer sees a young woman for who she is after she'd lived so long in hiding. "Coocoo" tells the story of a passionate love affair gone wrong, ending like a train wreck and with baggage strewn across the tracks.


These 3 songs depict some of the darkest times of my life, spanning sadness, heartbreak, loneliness, and depression. "Shadows" tells a story of my reclusive tendencies when trying to escape the perceived reality of being alone. "Running Man" delves into a sobering period in which my struggles to complete even mundane activities seemed meaningless. "Pitch Black" tells of a time as seen through withered rose-colored glasses that discolor and ultimately threaten my life.


These 3 instrumentals go in a few different directions and are more exploratory in nature. "Tiger" was more of a technical exercise where I blended an eclectic mix of disparate sample sources like Kung Fu dialogue, Little Drummer Boy, A-Ha, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, and Metallica. "Temple" tells of struggles with body image and exploring the body connection. "Galzadesh" speaks of how wounds can be healed through time but often spawn walls to protect against more pain.

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