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Managing projects creatively or production-wise, either externally or internally, has been a significant part of Christian Senn's career. Creative direction, art direction, game design, music and sound design direction have all been extensions of Christian's passion for product generation. The following are samples of some of the products he has managed or directed...


The following cinematics evolve the narrative for a crypto MMO experience for Aavegotchi, owned by Pixelcraft Studios, Ltd. Christian provided the concept and initial script, worked with a small team of writers to complete the scripts, generated the animatics, and built assets for use in these cinematics. He managed the contracts and provided art and creative direction, working closely with an internal and external team to iterate, and ensure cohesion and quality completion under tight deadlines.


The following is a sample of external team management, game design, and creative direction. Bear Blast Borealis was a virtual reality (VR) digital therapeutic minigame created for AppliedVR in which the player aims their headset to lob snowballs at happy bears. This experience was designed to be relaxing and fun for patients.

Christian's job was to improve upon a previously-made prototype, making it more engaging with professional polish, and in a short amount of time. His first task was to scout out an external team, create the work order and statement of work contracts, and negotiate the milestones and payments with the external team manager. The external team focused on art direction, asset production, and programming while Christian provided the game design and experience plan, shepherding the process to completion. Part of this process was ensuring that stakeholders and medical professionals signed off on the validity and direction of the product throughout development and testing.


The following songs were composed by Leilani Wilson for Senntertain's card games. Christian Senn provided the composer with direction and shepherded them to their final sound through regular feedback. The American Football theme was intended to sound like a CNN sports channel jingle highlighting moment-to-moment excitement of the sport. Gem Runner focuses on a retro 8-bit video game adventure in which 4 heroes overcome challenges to collect gems. EcoGoGo! gathers happy little creatures from ecosystems in which they feed, mate, and migrate. Blitzkrieg Battalion deploys cute little stumpy warriors and their deadly machines to conquer territories.

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