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Cuboingo is a puzzle card game in which you match colored patterns to fill up sides of your "Cuboingo!" Jump right into geometric gameplay that can help improve memory, abstract visualization, pattern recognition, and strategy. There are 3 versions of Cuboingo to enjoy (each sold separately). The 2x2 version is the fastest-paced and easiest to learn.

Includes: 1 Box, 2 Rule cards, 50 Cuboingo cards, and 2 Special cards. Made in the China.

Game design and original art by Christian Senn. Special thanks to James Taylor, Susie Senn, Os Kolarp Em, Scott Allen Gowin, David Giordano, Willem Kranendonk, Ryan VanMeter, Kris Dunn, and Kudo Takahiro (Laserdisc) for testing.

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