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This card game is perfect for ye olde tavern complete with good ale and a warm fire. Quench your thirst for trick-taking in this fast-paced game of huffing and hoarding. Eat the worst food and choose which end from which to expel your rotten doggy hotness! Silly and fast-paced, strategize what to collect and what to discard and when, and how to arrange/hide your hand.

Includes: 1 Box, 1 Rules, 21 Snout cards, 21 Butt cards, 6 Bone cards, 1 Scavenger Dog card, 1 Guard Dog card, and 3 Points cards. Made in the USA.

Game design and original art by Christian Senn. Special thanks to Mary Cres Casia, Mark Vrahas, Chris Kim, Felipe Lara, and Ryan Anderson for testing.

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