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EcoGoGo! is an educational and entertaining card game designed to inform and inspire interest in our world’s ecology. It highlights the roles of food chains, feeding, mating, and migration in the lives of organisms in a wide variety of ecosystems.

The Grand Canyon National Park deck is built on extensively researched food chains comprising real organisms found in their native habitats. Includes the Great Horned Owl, Common Kingsnake, Grand Canyon Rattlesnake, Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel, Common Earless Lizard, Darkling Beetle, and Poop. The environmental threat is Toxic Waste.

Includes: 1 Box, 1 Rules, 49 Organism cards, 2 Endangered/Extinct cards, 1 Environment Threat card, and 8 Fun Facts cards. Made in the USA.

Game design and original art by Christian Senn. Special thanks to Susie Senn for extensive research and to Renney Senn, Richard Wheeler, and Dan Lemcke for additional research and testing. Thanks to Jess Fuller, Anastasia Blaisdell, Derek Rider, Kat Rider, Rosy Law, Paul Laska, Dan Verssen, and Chris Richardson for additional testing.

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