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Retro 8-bit video game-like adventure with Giga Girl battling enemies, bosses, and classic video game hazards to earn and steal Gems! The fight for justice to rid the world of evil begins with you and your friends! Join our hero. Conquer the hazards. Defeat the enemies. Obliterate the bosses. Get the Gems!

Take turns presenting each other with classic video game challenges, always putting a Gem as a reward at the end. Play with or against your friends, or even the 'computer!' Learn the depth of the subtle strategies in Gem Runner, and emerge victorious!

Includes: 1 Box, 1 Rules, 35 Giga Girl Action/Enemy cards, 15 Gem cards, 4 Chain cards, 1 Giga Girl Bug card, and 1 Bug Fix card. Made in the USA.

Game design and original art by Christian Senn. Special thanks to Richard Wheeler, Mary Cres Casia, Robert Moltzen, and Nancy Cacho for testing.

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