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Kingdom Crusaders is a large-scale production infusing a simple strategy game that should be easy to learn but difficult to master. Leveraging classic tower defense mechanics, this print-and-play game expands the genre to include tower attack, as well. With a compelling master progression system, each of the 6 expansive books average 90 pages and are packed with considerable narrative, battle maps, artwork, instructions and solution guides.

Your experience can reach six different milestones (called "feats") to improve your overall advancement and power. Each battle won allows you to advance either your title or your rank. Your title begins as a Knight and your rank begins as a Second Lieutenant. Winning a battle awards you either Wards (land to advance your Title) or Signets (badges to advance your Rank). The highest title you can earn is King or Queen. The highest rank you can earn is Supreme Commander. Both the apex title and rank unlock special gameplay that can be used in all successive battles.


Kingdom Crusader Statistics:

  • 2 Starter minibooks offer 9 unique battles to introduce the game.

  • 6 Complete books offer 117 total battles:

    • 75 solo battles total:

      • Book I. offers 10 battles, Book II. offers 15 battles, Book III. offers 10 battles, Book IV. offers 10 battles, Book V. offers 15 battles, and Book VI. offers 15 battles.

    • 42 multiplayer battles also exist:

      • 21 settlements with defend and siege scenarios.

      • Play each of the 4 factions multiple times: Play as Inavus 20 times; play as The Unbowed 15 times; play as Howling Scars 20 times; play as Voruk 20 times.

  • The Books require 18 wins to earn the Crown (achieve halfway through Book II) and 54 wins to earn the Gauntlet (achieve at end of Book III).

  • Requires 72 wins to earn both (achieve at end of Book IV).

To give a sense of the world scale: Assume an army can travel 16 km/day (10 mi) or 8 km/day (5 mi) in rain (accounts for foraging, sleeping, etc.): The eastern realm is 150 kilometers wide and 110 km tall. To traverse the eastern realm would take a little over 9 days in normal conditions (18 in rain). Similarly, it would take about 7 days to travel from the north to south (or vice-versa), or 14 days in rain.

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